Q: I think that I have developed lymphoedema. How can I find a clinic near to where I live?
A: You would be best to contact either the British Lymphology Society or MLD UK. Both of these organisations hold directories of local Lymphoedema Clinics and Lymphoedema Practitioners. The Lymphoedema Support Network may also be able to help, Email:

Q: My local Beauty Salon offers lymphatic drainage. How does that differ from Manual Lymphatic Drainage?
A: Many beauty therapists have undertaken short courses on lymphatic drainage but have much less teaching on human biology or physiology of the lymphatic system and their treatment assumes a 'normal' functioning lymphatic system. Health Care Professionals trained in MLD and MLD therapists have much more rigorous understanding of the human body and are skilled in working with people with lymphatic system problems. The British Lymphology Society (Hyperlink) directory of services includes information on qualifications and the year of the most recent update of their skills. It is recommended that a formal update is attended every two years.

Q: I am a carer and want to learn how to do MLD, can I attend your courses?
A: There are some courses that are appropriate for carers; however, this currently is not the main focus of the association in terms of providing academic courses. But the MLA does work in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and, as such, there is a lot of information about helping carers through contacting them. There is also a DVD available from The Lymphoedema Support Network that tells you how to do simple Lymphatic Drainage. Their contact details are:

The Lymphoedema Support Network
St. Luke's Crypt,
Sydney Street,

Telephone: 020 7351 0990 (Administration)
Fax: 020 7349 9809

Q: I am a qualified Health Care Professional and would like to be able to offer MLD to my patients with lymphoedema. Can I enrol on a MLA course to learn MLD?
A: Before embarking on a course to learn the complex skill of MLD, the MLA would usually require you to have undertaken a basic course in lymphoedema management. Often this can be done at the same venue as an MLD course, but it’s best to contact the course provider directly to make sure this is the case.
Please see the training pages on this website for further information about courses by clicking here

Q: Does the MLA run only courses accredited by a university?
A: Some MLA courses are non-accredited, and some venues offer both types of course. It’s usually best to contact the course provider directly, who can explain exactly what is offered at their particular venue.
Please see the training pages on this website for further information about course providers by clicking here

Q: Are all the MLA courses the same length and do they all cost the same?
A: Although the content of all the MLA courses is essentially the same, as they follow an agreed curriculum which is updated every year, the length and the cost may vary in different locations. It is therefore advisable to contact the course provider directly to ensure you find the right course to suit you.

Q: Is there a lot of academic work involved in the courses to learn MLD?
A: There will be a certain amount of academic work attached to ALL of the MLA courses. But if the course you are interested in doing is accredited by a university, then it is highly likely that there will be more academic content than a course which is non-accredited.

Q: Is it possible to spread the cost of a course over several months?
A: It may well be possible to do this, but this may differ between courses run in different parts of the UK. It would be best to contact the course provider directly to check whether this is the case.

Q: How can I be sure that the Casley-Smith courses and the MLD method taught are evidenced based?
A: Judith and John Casley-Smith did the original research back in the 1960’s and research has since been ongoing. You can access some historical information from the teachers.

In addition, recent work relating to the use of Fluoroscopy and the impact of the various MLD techniques has led to MLA conducting investigations specifically into the efficacy of the Casley-Smith MLD technique. So far results have been encouraging, demonstrating the effectiveness of Casley-Smith MLD. There will be information on the website as these investigations continue.

All the MLD teachers who form MLA are themselves required to update at least yearly, ensuring that the content of all the MLA courses continues to be based on current research.