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Training courses in Casley Smith method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Casley Smith Exercises and Multi-Layer Lymphoedema Bandaging. Fees and dates vary, please contact your chosen centre for details.  

University of Glasgow

Rhian Noble-Jones, Yolande Borthwick & Margaret Sneddon

Course information

The Casley-Smith courses in University of  Glasgow are offered as part of a year long academic course (Managing Complex Lymphoedema) with attendance in person required on various dates. For the academic year 2019 to 2020 these will be between September 9th to 13th and November 5th to 8th 2019
Those interested should use the contact information below for cost, admission requirements and confirmation of attendance dates.

Accredited courses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Graduate Diploma (Core Skills through to Specialist);  Graduate Certificate and the Postgraduate Certificate (Specialist and Advanced Lymphoedema Programme)

Dowload PDF (which includes full information about four accredited Lymphoedema management courses - the Casley-Smith MLD module is included in course three): Teaching Timetable and Learning Outcomes for courses under Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Specialist Lymphoedema Management

Non-academic or academic route
The full programme is available to pursue as ‘CPD with Casley-Smith Certification’ without academic credit if preferred. However length of study and costs are the same as the accredited courses.

University of Glasgow website (Specialist Lymphoedema Management - see FAQs for entry requirements)

0141 330 2972


Melanie Thomas, Cheryl Pike & Rhian Noble-Jones

Course information
Accredited and non-accredited courses are available at all levels...please contact for further information

Casley-Smith MLD Foundation Level - Cimla. (Accreddited with Agored Cymru

Advanced knowledge and skills for healthcare professionals - and band 4 staff working under supervision of a lymphoedema therapist - in the management of complex lymphoedema.                                                                                                                                                   

Part One; Upper Limb. Monday 11th. May to Wednesday 13th. May 2020                                                                         

Part Two; Lower Limb. Monday 6th. July to Wednesday 8th. July 2020

Part Three; Assessment, Head & Neck/Genital Oedema. Wednesday 9th. to Thursday 10th. September 2020

Download PDF for Lymphoedema Network Wales Courses 2020             


Contact or

University of Worcester

Anita Hobday & Sue Desborough

Course information
Essentials for caring for patients with lymphoedema and chronic oedema.
Negotiated learning for MLA accreditation, level 6 or 7.

There is the possibility of delivering a course in other locations providing there are enough student numbers for a course to run.

01905 855365

North and North East: University of Teesside

Jeanne Everett (Specialist Lymphoedema Nurse MLA)


St. Teresa’s Hospice. The Woodlands. 91, Darlington Road, Darlington. DL3 7UA

Day 1: Theory Friday November 15th. 2019

Days 3 - 5 : MLD for Upper Limb: Wednesday November 27th. to Friday November 29th. 2019

Days 5 - 7: MLD for Lower Limb: Wednesday December 18th. to Friday December 20th. 2019

Days 8 - 10: Revision and Assessment: TBA during January 2020

Please click here for flyer and further course information


07983 385283

South East (Hertfordshire)

Melanie McCann, Cheryl Pike & Jeanne Everett

Course information
We are pleased to announce a new venue in Hertfordshire for delivering training in Casley-Smith MLD.

Bull Pain Clinic, Hertford. (For further information and flyer click here)

Part 1: Upper Limb. Monday 6th. April to Wednesday 8th. April 2020

Part 2: Lower Limb. Monday 11th. May to Wednesday 13th. May 2020

Part 3: Assessment + Managing Genital and Head & Neck . Monday 22nd. June to Wednesday 23rd. June 2020