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Fluoroscopy Imaging

The MLA is delighted to see new and upcoming research into Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) with the use of video fluoroscopy imaging. 

As a network of Casley-Smith MLD teachers we have been encouraged by this new imaging evidence and have welcomed the opportunity to explore the Casley-Smith method using the Fluoptic Fluorescence Imaging System. We know that MLD treatment improves lymphoedema and patients report positive outcomes.

The MLA undertake an annual peer review of their teaching materials with all Casley-Smith lymphoedema teachers, we discuss the current or new evidence available and make any subsequent necessary changes to the materials for future update courses. Currently, we are acquiring new evidence from video fluoroscopy – which brings with it an exciting time in lymphoedema care - and we will update our teaching materials accordingly as part of our annual review.