New MLA Casley-Smith courses to be run in the South East

We are delighted to announce that a Casley-Smith MLD foundation course will be run at the Bull Clinic in Hertford from April to June 2020. Please see our training page for further information, or click here to download a flyer.

The course will be lead by one of our new teachers, Melanie McCann, with Cheryl Pike and Jeanne Everett also supporting.

The flyer also gives information about a Casley-Smith update course which Melanie will lead on the 24th and 25th of June 2020.

With Melanie on board, the geographical area covered by the MLA will be significantly increased.

MLA welcomes new teachers

The MLA is delighted to have two new teachers in training: Melanie McCann and Sian Clement-Thomas.

To celebrate, our resident rap poet (Sue) has put pen to paper…

“Breaking news for 2019………

We announce new members to our team:

MLA teacher-numbers swell

With new trainees, Sian and Mel.

Their project-work boosting MLA resources,

They will help influence future courses.

Please join us in wishing them every success:

As MLA education continues to progress.”

To find out more about the MLA team, please visit Meet the Team

The CSI (Casley-Smith International) family of teachers is growing!

The Casley-Smith rehabilitation method for lymphoedema family continues to grow. Over the last two years we have welcomed new teachers from the USA: Dr Shelley Smith DiCecco Smith and Dr Andrea Brennan

We look forward in the near future to welcoming a new teacher in Israel, who will join Jill Bracha and Ruthi Peleger; and we are happy to announce the certification of two new teachers: Sunny, from Hong Kong, and Karen from Australia, who have both been assisting Elsebeth Petersen (also fromAustralia) with Casley-Smith courses in China.

The Casley-Smith teachers have now taught this rehabilitative approach to lymphoedema management with people across seven countries: the UK, The Philippines, Australia, the Netherlands, the USA, Cyprus and China.

Congratulations to MLA teacher, Dr. Melanie Thomas

One of our UK teachers Melanie has completed her PhD and is now Dr. Melanie Thomas. Melanie becomes the fourth UK Casley-Smith Teacher to complete a PhD. In addition, Melanie has taken a position as a director on the board of the ILF, while our teacher Margaret Sneddon steps down from ILF but remains in the board of the BLS for another year.
Similarly, Dr Rhian Noble-Jones remains on the Scientific Committee of the BLS.