The CSI (Casley-Smith International) family of teachers is growing!

The Casley-Smith rehabilitation method for lymphoedema family continues to grow. Over the last two years we have welcomed new teachers from the USA: Dr Shelley Smith DiCecco Smith and Dr Andrea Brennan

We look forward in the near future to welcoming a new teacher in Israel, who will join Jill Bracha and Ruthi Peleger; and we are happy to announce the certification of two new teachers: Sunny, from Hong Kong, and Karen from Australia, who have both been assisting Elsebeth Petersen (also fromAustralia) with Casley-Smith courses in China.

The Casley-Smith teachers have now taught this rehabilitative approach to lymphoedema management with people across seven countries: the UK, The Philippines, Australia, the Netherlands, the USA, Cyprus and China.